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  • Automated Product / Inventory Feed


Plugmystore provide a wide range of online services and tools to proficiently manage your inventory, product details, images, pricing, stock levels, translation as well as legal services and more. You can control and tailor the tools available to your needs straight from the interface.

Access our cloud-based e-commerce solution at any time. Wherever you are, keep track of your activities on any connected device including your current office hardware and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

From stock to promotions, from sales to restocking and repricing: you can rely on plugmystore to run your business smoothly. It is as simple as setting your own rules and thresholds. You keep control of every process all of the time.

User Set Up instructions

The PlugMyStore integration allows you to generate a Fruugo CSV feed from the PlugMyStore system.

As a PlugMyStore customer, to submit your product data to us via the PlugMyStore integration there are only three simple steps. These are as follows:

i) Sign-up for a Fruugo Account and notify us you are a PlugMyStore customer.
ii) Contact the PlugMyStore team who will assist and advice on the set-up of the Fruugo feed to meet the 'Product Listing Rules'. Once it has been created a member of their team will send the complete the product data feed URL generated over to us for verification/approval.
iii) Your product feed will be verified by Fruugo and providing the 'Product Listing Rules' are met the feed will be approved for use.

Throughout the set-up process the PlugMyStore Support Team will be on-hand to advise on any queries you may have prior to your feed being approved on Fruugo.