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One Global

Acquire new customers easily and quickly from countries all around the world, through Fruugo

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Key reasons to sell with Fruugo

Translate your products

Using our translation technology we translate your products into 17 languages.

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Grow your orders

Acquire orders from our rapidly growing base of cross-border shoppers.

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No sale, no fee

No ongoing fee — only pay when you make a sale.

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Our Mission

To enable all retailers to sell to shoppers globally offering the widest choice of products from all around the world, in the shoppers' language and currency, displayed through one secure global marketplace.

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Our Growth

To date we are now in our 6th consecutive years of sales growth in excess of 100% year-on-year. In our drive to allow more great retailers from around the world to join us, we have launched partnerships and e-commerce plug-ins for multiple leading platforms.

Easy Integration with Google Feeds

If you are currently submitting products to Google Shopping then simply send us your Google feed and our system automatically does the rest — Of course, once we have your product data we can then start generating customers for you.

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Sell to over
46 countries

Working with…

We are currently integrated with many platforms including; plentymarkets, Channel Pilot and Visualsoft (as well as many others) and this list is forever growing — making this a more exciting time than ever to be working with Fruugo.

"We have wanted to increase our overseas order for some time and Fruugo have provided the perfect online vehicle to do this. We are reaching lots more shoppers in many different countries and I can only see it increasing further as Fruugo expands."

Lee Tracey
Director, Bath and Unwind (UK)

Your Questions Answered

There are no monthly, listing, or marketing fees for all products listed. We charge 15% of the shopper's basket value (ex VAT) along with a funds processing fee (2.35% of transaction value) which contributes towards Fruugo's payment and transaction processing costs (inclusive of any currency and forex charges).
We are currently localised in 46 countries across the world.
Any business who is registered in one of our 46 countries can sell on Fruugo.
Please be aware some products are prohibited from sale on Fruugo, these can be seen on our Prohibited Products List
The selling process on Fruugo is easy. Here is a very simple guide:
  1. Sign-up
  2. Supply data
  3. Go live
  4. Receive orders
  5. Dispatch orders
  6. Get paid
You only need to supply product data in your own domestic currency and language.
Our automatic translation technology localises your product information for the shopper across 17 languages and 22 currencies.
There are 2 ways to manage orders on Fruugo; either through the Fruugo merchant Centre or alternatively via our Order API interface which provides an automated experience managing orders within your own system.
Our plugins and some of our partners have Order API pre-built as part of the integration. Why not check these on Our Partners & E-commerce Plugins
All customer services queries are handled by our in-house Customer Care team who endeavour to aid the customer throughout their buying experience, only turning to you when additional information is required.
  1. Fruugo CSV & XML Feeds
  2. Partner Integrations (Linnworks, Plentymarkets & Visualsoft)
  3. E-commerce Plugins (Magento; Shopify; WooCommerce; Big Commerce & Prestashop)
  4. Google Shopping Feed

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