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Fruugo Merchant Centre

Within the Fruugo Merchant Centre, the order management tool allows you to manage your orders in a quick and efficient way with seamless integration between your systems and ours. The merchant centre also allows you to view and amend your account details as well as create a series of reports to keep track of your account.

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Fruugo Order API

The Fruugo Order API is an interface for retailers to process Fruugo orders within their own system. The main functionality will allow you to download Fruugo orders into your own back office, and then send order updates (confirm, ship, cancel and return) automatically back to Fruugo.

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Packing Information

Fruugo packing slips are supplied pre-filled as a receipt for the customer to be included with every order package. The invoice / packing lists are translated into the customer's own language and show all the order information in the currency they paid in. It also includes return instructions and a return form.

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"There's a great team behind Fruugo. They are extremely friendly and supportive, and queries are dealt with professionally and efficiently. Fruugo order volumes have also been consistently high, making the whole process an extremely positive experience for us."

Ethan — Chief

Tribal Sensation (Switzerland)