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Fruugo brings us a lot of extra sales. We can now sell our products all over the world with this easy working system. We love Fruugo!
There's a great team behind Fruugo. They are extremely friendly and supportive, and queries are dealt with professionally and efficiently. Fruugo order volumes have also been consistently high, making the whole process an extremely positive experience for us.
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We have wanted to increase our overseas orders for some time and Fruugo have provided the perfect online vehicle to do this. We are reaching lots more shoppers in many different countries and I can only see it increasing further as Fruugo expands.
Fruugo is easy to set up and maintain. We have been selling on Fruugo for 12 months now and it generates a good flow of orders for us.
We receive a good number of orders every day from Fruugo from shoppers all over the world. It is an impressive platform, which we would recommend to any online retailer.
We love Fruugo here at Beauty Cloud as it's very simple to load our products on to start selling all over the world, in difficult to target markets. Another great thing is that Fruugo handle most customer service calls themselves and just give us a call to solve tricky issues. It's a great system.
We are very happy with the level of orders generated through Fruugo, and it is an excellent platform for selling across the world. They are always contactable and professional to deal with, and we hope to continue working with them for many years to come.
Fruugo is our #1 platform to sell good and safe across the entire Planet. It is a pleasure dealing with Fruugo!
Fruugo is of huge benefit to our business, making up a good proportion of our overall sales.
We have been part of Fruugo since 2010 and the increasing proportion of Fruugo orders now makes them a significant part of my business revenue.
After only six months selling on Fruugo, it grew to one of our biggest sales platform. Fruugo gave us a great opportunity, to achieve so much with minimum effort and in such a short period of time.
We have worked with the Fruugo team for a number of years and look forward to working together and increasing revenues for many years to come! Someone is always at the end of the phone when you need them and are able to help with enquiries quickly and efficiently.
We have an excellent partnership with Fruugo and have worked with them for many years. It is a hugely beneficial platform for us with sales increasing year on year.