Plug-In and Grow

Connecting sellers to new demand

New Global Demand

Through the use of plug-ins to major platforms we connect sellers to new sources of demand from global shoppers through our marketplace, and drive the shoppers order details straight back in to the retailers CRM systems.

Fruugo has created a range of bespoke e-commerce plug-ins which allow retailers to easily integrate into the Fruugo marketplace and immediately start selling to Fruugo's shoppers all around the world.

Fruugo's plug-ins are a set of robust onboarding technologies, giving retailers and brands the power to make their products visible across multiple countries, to the widest range of potential customers.

image description Easily connect your product feed

Seamless Integration

By creating elegant, bespoke e-commerce plug-ins for the world's leading platforms, Fruugo has enabled thousands of retailers around the world to seamlessly integrate their product data, and retrieve their shoppers' orders in real time.

The plug-ins mean that countless retailers whose websites are based around the e-commerce platforms from some of the world's largest vendors, such as  Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce and others, can easily set their website to feed product information straight in to Fruugo, and then receive customers' orders back directly in to their own accounting systems.

image description One Single inventory feed

Go Live With One Feed

Go Live With One Feed > Each plug in creates a single inventory feed inbound to Fruugo from your system, and then sends shoppers' orders details outbound back to you via our elegant Order API.

  • Seamlessly translate and distribute retailer data across over 30 countries around the globe
  • Offers robust reporting capabilities so retailers can track their product data, inventory and sales, allowing them to make real-time, performance- and revenue based decisions
  • Augmented by excellent and clear FAQs to help demystify the process of listing products in Fruugo and thereby selling online globally

Fruugo is in constant discussion with the world's major e-commerce platforms and related companies, keeping our finger on the pulse of where the market is headed, both from the perspective of shoppers, and crucially YOU, the retailers. We will constantly add more and more plug-ins to our range so that whatever your e-commerce platform, you can join Fruugo more easily than ever before.