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Based in the North East of England, Visualsoft is one of the UK's leading e-commerce development companies, providing a full service online retail solution to over 850 retailers. Since it was established in 1998, the company has grown in tandem with the e-commerce industry, and now has three offices across the UK in Teesside, Newcastle and London.

User Set Up instructions

The setup of a Fruugo product feed feature includes a store's product range, and is updated on a daily basis (this can be more of less frequent, depending on the etailer's agreement with Fruugo). As part of the feature we create a standard CSV feed within a store's admin system, and provide the feed URL which can be sumitted to Fruugo. Please note that you need a relevant account with Fruugo to enable this feature (and are responsible for any associated fees).

Anyone wishing to use the module for Fruugo should contact their VisualSoft Account Manager to discuss.