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Vilkas Group Oy, founded in 1995, is a full service company for e-commerce, delivering high quality online shops and value added services for e-retailers.. More than 1100 active Finnish e-retailers are using an online shop, delivered by Vilkas Group. In addition, Vilkas Group has provided several e-commerce solutions to Sweden, England, Germany and Spain. The e-commerce platform, used by Vilkas Group, is utilised by over 70 countries and 120,000 customers.

User Set Up instructions

The beauty of the Vilkas platform is that all marketing/marketplaces are managed through the same Product Portal set-up to allow a consistent, ease of use for all clients. The steps are as follows:

  • Connect your shop to the portal
    You connect to the different services on the Marketing > Product portals page by ticking the portals you would like to use for which language and click "Save".
  • Once ticked you can register by clicking "Display". On that page you will find instructions on how to register and get started with that specific portal
  • Adding your products
    You can add your products to the portals from the Products > Products page by ticking the products you would like to add and then clicking the Assign > Assign product portals...and then choosing the portals you would like to assign the products to then clicking "Assign".
  • You can see the products that have been assigned to each portal on the Marketing > Product portals > Fruugo > Products page. When all products have been assigned you go to the Marketing > Product portals > Fruugo > General page and click "Export" to actually send the products to the portal.
  • The feed URL which is published should be sent to Fruugo for verification, and providing your listing meets the 'Listing Product Rules' the feed will be approved.

    Throughout the Vilkas set-up process the Vilkas Team will be on-hand to advise on any queries you may have prior to your feed being approved on Fruugo.