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About Sello

Sello is a complete solution letting you manage marketplace sales and products, all from one place. Sello was built with the sole purpose of optimizing, simplifying, and facilitating marketplace sales. Every aspect of Sello is fast, efficient, and designed to let you manage multiple orders and products at the same time.

The Sello team has developed connections to 20+ webshop platforms and ERP’s. That means your current platform will be your master system – products created and updated in your system will be automatically and instantly reflected in Sello and your connected marketplaces. When sales are made on marketplaces the orders will be imported to Sello and forwarded to your system. You manage the orders in your system and when you have processed them, all fulfillment information will be sent to your linked marketplaces by way of Sello.

Many Sello customers use their webshop as their master system and use Sello to refine and finalize their products. Others use their webshop as a source of products and transfer orders to their ERP.


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