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The Multi-channel e-commerce software that helps your business work smarter, not harder Status: live
  • Automated Product / Inventory Feed
  • Real-time Stock Updates
  • Automated Order Import and Management


With Linnworks, you can streamline and automate the repetitive tasks in your business, and keep your stock and orders up to date with less risk of mistakes or duplication. By trusting our software to perform repetitive tasks such as printing documentation, updating stock levels on your selling channels, and helping you to generate and manage your listings, you can focus on the growth and improvement of your business.

  • Automation of key tasks means you can get more work done with the same staff, keeping fixed costs down.
  • Improved efficiency and reporting allow you to make your business more responsive.

With Linnworks, you can help your company to grow more efficiently, and make optimum use of your staff, facilities and stock to increase profitability. And with our multichannel support, you can look to grow into new sales channels and markets!

User Set Up instructions

Linnworks, the leading inventory management solution in the UK, are fully integrated with Fruugo which means any of their customers can publish products onto Fruugo via an automated feed; benefit from real-time stock updates; and manage all orders in their own Linnworks system.

The Linnnworks integration allows you to generate a Fruugo XML feed from the Linnworks platform in the Fruugo format; have real-time inventory stock updates via the automated Fruugo Linnworks API; and manage all orders efficiently via the Fruugo / Linnworks Order API.

As a Linnworks customer, to submit your product data and us via the Linnworks integration there are only four simple steps. These are as follows:

i) Sign-up for a Fruugo Account and notify us you are a Linnworks customer
ii) Using the supplied Fruugo merchant Centre Username and Password, following the Linnworks instructions to add Fruugo as a new channel.
iii) Complete the Fruugo Product Feed in Linnworks using the Fruugo Integration Config, product feed will be automatically sent to Fruugo for verification / approval.
iv) Your product feed will be verified by Fruugo and providing the 'Listing Products Rules' are met the feed will be approved for use.

Throughout the Linnworks set-up process the Linnworks Support Team will be on-hand to advise on any queries you may have prior to your feed being approved on Fruugo.