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Feed Manager

Feed manager helps get your products in all the right places Status: live
  • Automated Product / Inventory Feed


Feed Manager has many modules available to help our e-commerce clients to understand their markets and be able to respond to their customer needs. Our dedicated team of specialists will take care of you every step of the way, from technical support to tailored advice on recommended tactics to achieve best possible results. We offer advice on which channels would be best suited for your business' specific market and typically experience the best returns.

User Set Up instructions

The FeedManager integration allows a Fruugo CSV feed to be generated from the FeedManager system.

As a FeedManager customer, to submit your product data to us via the FeedManager integration there are only three simple steps. These are as follows:

i) Sign-up for a Fruugo Account and notify us you are a FeedManager customer.
ii) Contact the FeedManager team who will assist and advice on the set-up of the Fruugo feed to meet the 'Product Listing Rules'. Once it has been created a member of their team will send the complete the product data feed URL generated over to us for verification/approval.
iii) Your product feed will be verified by Fruugo and providing the 'Product Listing Rules' are met the feed will be approved for use.

Throughout the set-up process the FeedManager Support Team will be on-hand to advise on any queries you may have prior to your feed being approved on Fruugo.