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Fruugo Partner Advantages

Fruugo has an ever expanding network of partnerships with companies around the world who have their own data integrations with online retailers.

These companies may be providing their clients with, for example, inventory and stock management, online accountancy systems, logistics management, PoS systems, paid click management, affiliate marketing, etc.

Whatever the nature of the partner business, by integrating with Fruugo, it means that all their clients can seamlessly have their data mapped straight in to Fruugo, and orders passed back straight into the retailers own back office systems. Thus the retailer can begin the process of selling worldwide through Fruugo very quickly and easily.

The benefits of integrating via a Fruugo Partner include:
  • Proven methodology
  • Rapid and easy onboarding
  • Helpful FAQs
  • Support from the 3rd party
  • Online ticketing systems for problem solving
Download our Partner Developer Manuals

Download our developer documents to guide you through the set up process

Our Partners

Become a Fruugo Partner!

Join our truly global marketplace and also allow your clients to have access to over 30 different global markets utilising one language and currency. Fruugo creates custom plugins for its partners to offer this unique cross border channel to its merchants.

Working via our 'no sale - no fee' global marketplace allows merchants of all sizes to affordably and flexibly bring their retail products to the world stage. By integrating as a partner with Fruugo you'll offer true global potential to your stores. Become a Fruugo Partner today!