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Step 1

Register your interest

Complete our simple registration form to express your interest in selling on Fruugo and join the waiting list. The form gives us the basic details we need to get to know a little about your business.

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Step 2

Register your interest

Once your registration of interest has been reviewed by a member of the Fruugo Retailer Team they'll provide you with exclusive access to our Retailer Sign-up form - your next step to selling on Fruugo.

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Step 3

Register your interest

Great, now you're signed up we're ready for you to submit your product feed to us via one of the methods outlined below. Our integration team will be available throughout this process to answer any questions you might have and to verify your feed. Once your feed is approved you're only one step away from going live.

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Step 4

Register your interest

Finally, you need to complete our simple Fruugo Shipping Template. Using a choice of the four methods of calculation available, you can tune your costs for each country and offer two different levels of service.

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Step 5

Register your interest

That's it! Our Integration Team and system automatically does the rest. You're now live, with your products available to Fruugo shoppers across the world!


Only pay when you make a sale. No monthly or annual fees.


Integrating your product data

There are three simple ways to integrate your product data into the Fruugo system.

  1. Fruugo CSV & XML Feeds
  2. Partner Integrations
  3. E-commerce Plugins
    (Magento; Shopify; WooCommerce; Big Commerce and Prestashop)

Fruugo has enabled thousands of retailers around the world to seamlessly integrate their product data, and retrieve their shoppers' orders in real time.


Fruugo CSV & XML Feeds

Both of our data formats allow the Fruugo system to utilise one data feed to display your products across all our countries. The specifications are straight-forward and easy to create which allows you to quickly integrate with Fruugo.

There are only 8 mandatory fields in the Fruugo CSV and XML formats to ensure you can get up and running as soon as possible. The remaining fields, although not compulsory, are there so that we can fine tune your experience and to correctly categorise your products in order to get you the most sales possible. Throughout this process the Fruugo Integration Team will be on hand to advise on submitting a feed that ensures your products are set-up correctly.

Why not check out the specifications and example files available in the Documentation section


In our documentation section you will find guidance on the relevant information required to get you integrated and selling with Fruugo.


Partner Integrations

We have an ever-expanding network of partnerships with companies around the world which allows our online retailers to easily integrate with the Fruugo marketplace.

With these partners we have built an integration method that means you can seamlessly provide your data feed from their system and retrieve all orders back into your own back-office system. Some of the partners even have real-time stock management!

To make things even easier during the integration you will have the assistance of our Partners Support Teams, and the Fruugo Integration Team will be on-hand to verify your feed and ensure your integration goes smoothly.

If you use any of our network of partners you will find full details on our Partners page


Fruugo actively markets retailers’ products in 46 countries, using an ever-expanding network of affiliated and partner sites.


E-commerce Plugins

We have created a range of bespoke e-commerce plug-ins which allow retailers to easily integrate into the Fruugo marketplace and start selling to Fruugo's shoppers all around the world.

Our plug-ins are based around the e-commerce platforms from some of the world's largest vendors, such as Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce and others. They enable thousands of retailers around the world to seamlessly integrate their product data and retrieve their orders.

You can find more details about our plug-ins on our e-commerce plugins page.

The Fruugo Integration Team will be available to verify your feed and advise on any problems installing the plug-ins into your platform.